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The look, the design, the experience and the usability of an interface always goes a long way. More often than not, people focus only on one of the three things, rather than all of them together. This reduces the impact that is desired and works negatively, rather than in a positive manner. At The Social Tie, we take ALL the factors in consideration. With an amalgamation of all the factors, your final design isn’t going to be enviable, to say the least.

What is UI / UX ?

At the most basic level the user interface (UI) is the series of screens, pages, and visual elements – Like, buttons, icons that we use to interact with a device. Everything that allows the user to interact with a system is the user interface including the website of your company, it measures the comfort that the user feels when browsing the web & it should be pleasing to the eye too.

On the other hand user experience (UX) is the internal experience that a person has interacted with every aspect of company products or services, both of these incomplete without the other, an experience that any user has when they are interacting on the digital platform by the help of a device or any other environment. The work that the UX process must do is to improve the product or service with which the user interacts in order to make it's functional as smooth as possible.

Advantages of UI/UX for your business

  • Improves customer acquisition

  • Helps with Customer retention

  • Optimizes development time and cost

  • Increased productivity

  • More user engagement


Key components of UI/UX

  • Information Architecture

  • Interaction design

  • Usability

  • Wire framing

  • Visual design


“The Social Tie” is the best digital marketing agency in Hyderabad and has the most creative and productive developers which create magic for your websites, apps etc.

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