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Every start-up needs a push to get it off the ground. At The Social Tie, we engage in the different platforms that are needed to make sure that your dream is achieved. With extensive marketing, promoting, and strategizing, we make sure your start-up is no longer just a dream!  We also have all the connections you look for. With access to all the city’s top start-up incubators and creative investors, your start-up dream becomes our capital venture goal.


“The Social Tie” is a Hyderabad-based digital marketing agency we have the best Start-up accelerator programs in Hyderabad.

A start-up accelerator is also sometimes referred as seed accelerator it is a business program that supports early stage, growth-driven companies through education, mentorship, and financing. Start-ups typically enter accelerators for a fixed period of time and as a part of companies. Accelerator programs can provide beneficial resources to an organization at all stages of development.

There are several benefits of a start-up accelerator including:

  • Seed Funding

  • Co-working and private work time

  • Training

  • Networking

  • Demo day


If you are an entrepreneur with a great idea, you have some room for growth, and then take your business from concept with accelerator program; “The Social Tie” will provide the critical training to need to grow as a start-up founder including:

  • Developing a business plan

  • Creating a prototype

  • Providing the innovation mind-set


Some business prefers to grow slowly and don’t need venture capital to get there. For a business, its needs expert guidance, financing, and growth, a start-up accelerator is a fantastic option. An accelerator could be right for your company if you are prepared to:

  • Grow Quickly

  • Focus

  • Relocate

  • Impress Investors


“The Social Tie” is the best digital marketing agency in Hyderabad and has the best Start-up accelerator programs to develop your business; you can gain plenty of development too.

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