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The internet is becoming the town square for the global villages of tomorrow. You could either chose to love it or hate it completely. A lot of companies have decided to use the internet to their advantage. They’ve taken the world by a storm with their innovative digital marketing strategies, changing the way the world looks at them.

We’ve all heard of companies like Uber, Slack and Oreo. Word of mouth isn’t just what made these brands superlatively popular. Their online presence, coupled with really amazing digital marketing strategies, have placed them at the top of a very volatile and changing market. Read on to know how they and a some of the other brands have changed the way they are perceived using digital marketing.


Oreo is one of the most widely sought after cookie. Their flavours have always been classic and crowd pleasing, making them everyone’s favourite. When it comes to marketing, they have stuck to a simple strategy, "content is king", and always play with whats hot and current. It’s related to the current events of the world, with a “sweet touch” to them. Oreo has always managed to stay on top of its game with just the right amount of digital marketing, giving itself an edge that’s unparalleled.


Uber has targeted the optimum audience with apt content that helped in Uber spread like wildfire. Started in 2009, studies have shown that 84% of Uber’s popularity is solely through digital marketing. Uber works through referral marketing. They have worked with creating a system where they give discounts for a service that people actually need, rather than actually spending on mainstream methods. Through in-app and referral marketing, Uber has created a major turnover for their business and has helped in setting Uber apart like no other business.


Slack had a great starting point with their tagline – “On a mission to make your working life simple.” For those of you who still haven’t been acquainted with Slack, here’s how it works. Slack is a team that allows people at work to collaborate easily by sharing files, work, etc.. With their brilliant digital marketing strategies, they have had a phenomenal rise. Within 6 months of their launch, they rose from 15,000 to 170,000 and through the next year, they rose to 500,000 users. Slack is currently sitting on 5,000,000 users and this has solely been because of their subtle but relevant digital marketing strategy.


Amul has been touted as one of India’s leading digital dairy brand with a digital touch that has changed their business strategy completely. This is majorly through their less budgeted forms of marketing. They have adopted a highly communication centred strategy that lets their followers interact with them on all their platforms. Through campaigns like “Meme You” and “Eat milk with every meal”, Amul has managed to reach over 1.2 million people on Facebook alone. Even though most of the content promoted on Twitter is similar to that on Facebook, it has still managed to reach a wide and diverse target audience, without spending too much on hardcore digital marketing methods. People have celebrated with the brand on various occasions and high- energy events, of course because of its highly relatable graphics. Their aim is to become known in every nook and cranny of the country and they have achieved exactly that. Amul doesn’t rely on traditional methods of marketing. It uses social media marketing extensively to promote itself.


Nestle works on a simple marketing strategy – to create a direct communication channel for their consumers. With 1300 original posts every day, they have truly managed to tap into the right source of information. They have credited 56% of their growth to their digital marketing strategies. With a clear e-commerce switch, their growth has increased by 5% from the last quarter to the current one. Nestle is definitely an online and offline brand that has become a force to be reckoned with thanks to their stringent digital marketing strategies. Nestle created a series of campaigns that works with chefs and helps in connecting to people through different platforms. They promoted this campaign on various channels on the internet, increasing their reach and making sure that they connect to a diverse and varied audience.


Dove is another brand that has used social media to make a positive change. The brand’s strategy is committed towards making women realise their beauty potential by creating products that deliver care. Dove has constantly developed content that makes women feel good all the time. Thus, Dove has used digital marketing to cater to women. Dove aims at using digital marketing to create a positive space in the world and has truly captured the hearts of many with its beautiful content and artwork.


Tanishq is one of the most successful jewellery brands in the country. Soon after the advent of the internet, it realised that a large part of its customers were online and that they used the internet to discover new products. It has a simple strategy – Revamp to improve. All of their ads are aimed at women empowerment, and perfectly targeted to them with use of digital marketing and channels like youtube; making women believe that they can get what they want. Through digital marketing, Tanishq has become a name that synonymous with women empowerment, leaving a mark behind on everyone.


Flipkart has changed its game in a major way. It’s gone above and beyond by using different channels of digital marketing. Flipkart has used every form – from Youtube commercials, animated characters to successful social media campaigns; it has stolen the hearts of people everywhere. Flipkart is one brand that has proven beyond doubt that digital marketing can make or break a business.


Baba Ramdev and yoga have been synonymous for a long time now. The man has branched into a whole new foray with his innovative ayurvedic brand – Patanjali. He has one simple rule – multiplying everything he works with. Baba Ramdev was extremely smart when it came to promoting his products. He didn’t directly promote them, but indirectly talked about the evils of MNCs. The strategy was simple, to create a long term impact on the minds of the viewers. By developing brilliant content, he has managed to get on top and become one of the five leading FMCG companies in the country, with an expected turnover of more than 2000 crore Rs. for this fiscal year.


Our current Prime Minister, the man who needs no introduction - Mr. Modi’s digital marketing strategy is one that’s both envious and brilliant. He was the first politician to actively use the internet in his political favour. He started building Brand Modi six months before the elections, with the sole aim to get in touch with the youth of the country. He was the first Indian politician to get online in such a big way in 2009. He has 1.3 million followers on his Facebook page and 3.42 followers on his Twitter page, making him THE most popular person to be followed on the internet. He’s also got more than 15,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. One of the main reasons he became so popular online is that he marketed himself as an individual personality and on the sidelines also as the face of the BJP. Thus, Narendra Modi’s extensive and aggressive marketing strategy before the elections helped create a brand that made him the Prime Minister he is today.

Every business and brand has revamped itself by going online. People everywhere are addicted to their smartphones, tablets and laptops; making access to the internet extremely easy. Thus, digital marketing has not only helped brands increase their online presence, but also has created a space for interaction, knowledge and communication. Digital marketing has become one of the most widely sought after forms of advertising and it’s here to stay for the long run!

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