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When the wheel was first thought of and invented, people believed there could be nothing greater or better. But then, new things are just around the corner and just like the sun rises, new inventions come into play. The internet has been one of the most fascinating inventions yet and it keeps churning out new and interesting things every day!

The internet has clearly started changing the way we live our lives. And why should that just be limited to a certain group? The internet is taking over everything, including our standard marketing practices. This is one of the major reasons as to why digital marketing is taking over in such a quick and aggressive manner.

Digital marketing was a term that was first introduced in 2000. The field became more comprehensive and structured during 2009 and 2010, when people started having access to smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops that were connected to the internet. With every second person constantly active on the internet, digital marketing has increased its presence with leaps and bounds.

Digital marketing isn’t just limited to social media. It has a wider, clearer and more defined objective. In simple terms, digital marketing is defined as the umbrella that’s used to market business using the internet. Through various modes of communication, businesses can get their word out, making a strong mark on the consumer.

Easy access is just one of the few advantages of digital marketing. There are a lot more advantages that make this field more exciting. Digital marketing also ensures that there’s a clear approach and that direct contact is maintained. Below are a few stark differences between digital marketing and traditional marketing:


Advertising through traditional methods is extremely costly. The Radio, Television, Newspapers, etc. have a large cost factor attached to them and more often than not, the results aren’t even guaranteed. With digital marketing, however, you can level the costs and see clear results. Digital marketing helps you make sure that you have a strong marketing strategy that is extremely affordable. You can also target different mediums of communication, making sure that your results are definitely guaranteed.


Unlike traditional marketing, you don’t have to wait for days to get a return on your investment. Digital marketing lets you track your campaigns, ensuring that you get real time results and aren’t affected by the time lag. Through digital marketing, you can also tell if your campaign is working. Specific goals and targets can be measured and checked depending on the platform used for marketing. Thus, with digital marketing, real time results are easily available.


Through digital marketing, you can target your communication to a specific group of audience if needed. For example, you can target your campaign to a specific gender, age and demographic of people which would have otherwise been impossible to do with traditional marketing. Every campaign can be tailor made to generate and elicit the exact response you want from it. Thus, digital marketing always ensures that with tailor made depending on taste, gender, location and age, thereby ensuring that your campaign is extremely effective.


Digital activation is defined as a fast launch online campaign that gets specific leads through direct audience interaction and generates specific leads. Through digital marketing, digital activation is no longer an un-imaginable reality. Digital activation is of one the biggest advantages of digital marketing and has made sure that conversion rates are faster, quicker and easily achievable.


Digital marketing makes sure that your audience and customers have different forms of communication to access information through. Not just that, digital marketing also ensures that through SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and google analytics, you can increase and boost your data to a point that was otherwise not possible through traditional marketing. Thus, digital marketing makes the most of the different mediums of communication to ensure an extremely effective campaign. There are also other forms that can be used, such as email marketing, social media and in app advertisements. These ensure that your target reach is wider or more specific, depending on the campaign that you are working on.


Digital marketing has made communication an easier process. Social media is also used as a marketing tool. This helps reduce the communication gaps between the consumers and sellers. Social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn help in bridging the huge gap that existed with traditional marketing methods. With digital marketing taking over, there are several methods of communication that help increase the number of followers. Social media helps in helping people reach out and access the things they otherwise wouldn’t have known existed. Thus, thanks to digital marketing, reach and access is possible through social media that wasn’t otherwise possible through traditional marketing methods.


Have you ever had a problem where you didn’t understand if your website was effective enough or not? Traditional marketing didn’t give room to understand how your website works. With digital marketing however, you can now get complete information through google analytics. Google analytics tells you how many people have viewed your website. It gives you a clear picture of what’s happening on your website. Thanks to digital marketing, you can also tell what gender of people have viewed your website, at what time the website has been viewed the most and how effective the data on your website is. Digital marketing, thus, helps in making the most of your website through careful and detailed web development, beautiful designs and direct interaction which was otherwise impossible through traditional marketing methods.


The beauty of digital marketing is that it’s not intrusive. Unlike traditional methods of marketing, you can always choose to ignore information that you get digitally. If you have ever gotten emails that bug you, you can just unsubscribe! With digital marketing, your privacy is always ensured.

These are just some of the key differences that make digital marketing interesting. With everything progressing beyond what was considered ordinary, it should come as no surprise that even marketing methods are changing. If you’re still stuck in the traditional modes of advertising and communication, then it’s definitely time to make the jump! Digital marketing is here to stay and it’s taking the world over a storm!

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